Choosing Your Laser Hair Removal Clinic

To get optimum hair removal results with fewer treatments (equalling less $$ cost) and ensure you minimise the risk of any complications or side effects we recommend that you consider:

  • the hair removal device
  • who will treat you

At CleanSkins we have been specialising in laser hair removal since 2010!  We perform over 1.3 million laser pulses per year which does make a difference to our experience and results which are second to none!  It is a fallacy that all laser clinics (even those with the same device) will provide the same results!  Lasers are specific medical devices requiring skill and most importantly experience to operate safely at maximum potential.

The hair removal device – there are lasers and then there are lasers!!

What hair removal device does the clinic use?

Regardless if the device is a laser or an IPL;

  • What was it designed for? i.e.. was it specifically designed for hair removal? or was it designed to give optimum results for other treatments, however can also be used for hair removal?  A lot of clinics use ‘one’ devise that treats ‘several’ skin complaints/conditions.  A one size fits all device WILL NOT give optimum results for ALL of the different treatments!
  • On what skin type and hair colour does it produce optimum results?
  • Is it clinically proven to permanently reduce hair?
  • If yes, on what skin type and hair colour? i.e. is it your skin type and hair colour?
  • Is it FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) approved? and;
  • Is it classed as a medical grade 4 device? and;
  • Is it listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods? and;
  • Does it have ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation) Certification?

Who will treat you;

Are they experienced, trained and accredited in the use of lasers, their laser and laser treatments?
  • Are they a holder of an Australian government accredited laser safety certificate?
  • How much and what training did they receive specific to laser hair removal?
  • How much practical experience do they have in laser hair removal?
  • How much practical experience do they have using the device they currently offer?
  • Do they specialise in laser hair removal? i.e. do they regularly/consistently perform laser hair removal treatments or do they mostly or often perform a range of other laser or spa beauty treatments?