Don’t let your acne go from annoying spots to acne scarring!

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Acne scarring is one of the hardest skin imperfections to correct. There is no machine, potion or lotion that can remove deep acne scars. Medical intervention may reduce deep acne scars, however most procedures will not remove them completely. The key is prevention. Don’t ignore the acne thinking they will grow out of it once their teenage years are behind them. Giving your child the gift of education about skin and how they can manage their acne, will equip them with the knowledge and skills to prevent future scarring.

Acne generally occurs during adolescence, often continuing into young-adulthood. Acne is not confined to just the face, it is also common on the back, shoulders and chest. It is easy to cover up active acne when it appears on areas that are below the neck making it common for sufferers to ignore treating it simply because it all just gets too hard.   Ignoring the issue usually results in even more noticeable scarring. An increase in testosterone (which accrues in both genders during puberty) is the most common cause. Other causal factors can include genetics, poor hygiene, stress and diet. Aside from scarring, the main affects of acne tend to be psychological and can result in a low self-esteem and depression.

70% of successful acne treatment is completed on a daily basis at home utilising a combination of skin care products and lifestyle factors, and only 30% preformed with in clinic treatments. So it is very important that the ingredients in the products used for home care are not going to cause the skin to produce more acne, dry it out, impair the natural moisturising barrier or desensitise the skin. Having some basic knowledge on what cosmetic ingredients to avoid and why, will not only give you better results but also save you money. A common ingredient used in a lot of ‘over the counter’ products for acne treatment is Benzoyl peroxide, which can unnecessarily peel the skin and weaken the natural barrier overtime.

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These types of ingredients can give short term fixes in the skin, but often create longer term problems. Alongside acne often comes blackheads. Blackheads or ‘comedones’ are caused by the excessive build up of oil trapped in the pores. Contrary to popular belief the ‘black’ colouring of blackheads does not come from dirt trapped in the pores or follicles. The colour comes from oxidation. Whiteheads are also comodones that are closed resulting in no oxidation and no colour change.


Treating Acne and Preventing Scarring;

Treating acne and caring for the skin at the same time will reduce the impact of scaring. Although the acne is the main focus you must remember that a weakened skin is more susceptible to future breakouts, continual breakouts in the same area (i.e. chin during menstruation) will lead to scarring.



  • The number one rule with all pimples is do not pick at them, not only will you create an infection from the bacteria on your hands but continual picking will leave a scar.
  • Don’t use skin care products that congest your pores such as greasy moisturising products and oil-based cosmetics. Any good skincare or cosmetic range will have products suited to acne prone skin. Choose products with large amounts or EFA’s particularly Omega 3.
  • Avoid touching your face when it is dirty or sweaty. If you must touch your acne make sure you wash your hands prior.
  • Do not squeeze or pick at pimples or blackheads
  • Always remove any makeup at night do not sleep in it
  • Wash your face twice daily to remove excess oil, dirt and grim, use a cleanser that is suitable for your skin type. Use wet gauze to gently rub in circular motions to exfoliate your skin. Dispose of the gauze after each use. Do not reuse items such as loofah’s, sponges etc as they will house bacteria and spread infection.
  • Change your pillow case regularly (daily if needed) to minimise the spread of bacteria.
  • Drink plenty of water and a balanced diet with lots of Omega 3’s, fresh fruit and vegetables (we are what we eat).
  • Reduce foods containing Omega 9 as this can cause blackheads,
  • Regular exercise will keep you metabolism going and removed toxins through sweat.
  • Reduce stress.
  • Get a safe level of sunshine which stimulates vitamin D which is required for healthy skin.
  • Refrain from alcohol and smoking, and again most importantly……..
  • DO NOT PICK AT IT!!!!!!!



  • If needed or if severe, seek advice from your GP. Some medication can help regulate hormone levels to reduce hormonal acne, however make sure you thoroughly research possible side effects as some medications can have detrimental long term effects on the health of skin.



The acne treatment industry is a thriving industry full of ‘client money wasters’. We often hear of acne sufferers who have spent thousands of dollars over time on various treatments that ultimately didn’t help or even worse caused other long-term skin complaints!



Don’t let acne go unattended or you or your teenager may become scarred for life. It is common for sufferers to jump on a merry go round of treatments from cosmetic to medical when in most instances the right advice in the initial stages would have maintained or even cleared their acne. An appropriate home care routine including drinking plenty of water, a balanced diet focused on acne prevention and the correct choice (and use) of skincare and cosmetics is most of the battle.

In clinic professional acne targeted, treatments & facials including where needed, gentle extractions, will help maintain a health skin barrier and reduce the risk of scarring. In reality many teenagers try and unfortunately fail to combat their skin problems. It is near impossible for educated adults to see through the marketing traps in the cosmetic, medical & skincare industry let alone for teenagers. Teenagers should be able to trust that their favourite celebrities endorsements will be good for them, however this is seldom the reality. That’s where an experienced beauty therapist can help through education, ongoing support, prescription and appropriate in clinic treatments.



CleanSkins Laser Clinic Teenage Acne Program

We believe the most important treatment we can do for teenage acne is to educate and support your teenager to combat their skin concerns. 70% of the results that can be achieved are from a good home care routine that does not have to cost an arm and a leg. Lifestyle factors, diet, sun, exercise and water intake play a bit part in achieving clear bright skin.


Step 1    Skin Examination, Analysis & Education

You and your teen attend CleanSkins for a skin consultation. One of our aestheticians will conduct a thorough skin examination where they will determine skin type and acne grade. We request your teenager brings with them any skincare or cosmetic products they are currently using or intend to use. We then examine the ingredients of these products and discuss the impacts positive and/or negative that these ingredients may have on their skin. We educate your teen on how to read and check ingredients in cosmetic products so that they can make informed choices in the future. We then discuss diet and lifestyle factors that will effect their progress and lastly recommend a treatment plan relevant to their individual needs. This will include recommended homecare products (including teaching them correct use ensuring maximum results and minimise wastage), diet and lifestyle choices and in clinic treatments where required.


Step 2    Home Care Routine & where required preparation of the skin for in clinic treatment.

This is by far the most important step in the program. Your teenager will have been given the tools and information to set them up for success. Remembering 70% of their overall results will come from what they do or don’t do at home! Your teen is encouraged to call their therapist if or when they need advice, support or clarification. If in clinic treatments have been recommended this step is important for preparing the skin to ensure that your teenager gets the most out of their treatment. Ensuring that their skin is accustom to a new skincare routine will lead to better in clinic results. Time to allow: 5-10 min each morning & night at home


Step 3    In Clinic Treatments where required

In cases of active acne, blackheads, whiteheads etc. your teenagers skin will benefit greatly from a CleanSkins in clinic acne facial and/or Omnilux™ LED treatments.  The only safe extraction is a professional extraction! Once we have cleared the active acne, if they have any remaining acne scarring they will benefit from Omnilux™ LED and/or MTS dermal needling.

CleanSkins Acne Facial Treatment:

  • Designed to clear blemishes, control sebum flow in problematic skins and support EFAD skin with the added benefit of anti-ageing
  • Custom blended to suit clients of any age suffering acne (oily or dry)
  • A deep cleansing treatment allowing thorough decongestion of the skin
  • Will clarify and clear blemishes from the skins surface
  • Evens out skin tone and helps in the healing, recovery and inflammatory process of blemished skin
  • Professional extractions where needed

CleanSkins Omnilux™ LED Acne Treatment:

  • Omnilux LED is clinically proven to reduce acne lesions by up to 81%!
  • More than 75% of clients respond with excellent results!
  • The number of inflammatory acne lesions continue to reduce up to 16 weeks after treatment.
  • Non ablative, non-invasive, non-harmful treatment with no recovery/downtime and no known harmful side effects.
  • Has the backing of over 10 years of clinical use and 40+ scientific papers and clinical trials.
  • The only LED device that is approved by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration.

CleanSkins MTS Dermal Needling Treatment:

  • Assists with epidermal density and strength
  • Reduces appearance of scars
  • Non ablative, non-harmful treatment with minimal or no pain, recovery/downtime or risk of complications.
  • No thermal damage that is experienced after light based ablative treatments
  • Clinical studies have shown that the mesotherapeutic effect of MTS 0.5mm roller outperforms all ablatives treatments (chemical peel, dermabrasion, laser resurfacing) and CO2 laser, Fraxel, and IPL in terms of delivering smoother skin and a long lasting effect.



There are no quick fixes when it comes to treating acne. At CleanSkins we have the knowledge, equipment and expertise to help with your acne skin concerns. Our treatment plans are as individual as your skin is and may include home care products or a combination of products and treatment or treatments. We won’t promise a miracle cure but we will promise that we will not risk your skin health by recommending incorrect products and/or treatments and that if you follow our advice your acne and acne scarring will reduce significantly if not all together.