CleanSkins Skin Gym

$2,700.00 $1,900.00 inc GST

An intense 12 week program ONLY for those serious about improving their skin. Our skin therapists customise this program to suit individual skin requirements.


12 Week Customised Skin Gym $1900 (value $2700)

Receive $2700 worth of value (save a minimum of $800)

An intense 12 week program ONLY for those serious about improving their skin. Our skin therapists customise this program to suit individual skin requirements. The program will improve the following skin concerns:

• acne scarring, rosacea
• sensitive skin, excessive redness & impaired skin barrier
• Fine lines, pigmentation & skin rejuvenation

Over the 12 weeks your program will include a variety of treatment modalities and cosmeceutical skincare in a customised treatment program designed specifically to combat your skin concerns.



What is it?

A 12 week individually customised skin treatment program designed to combat YOUR individual skin concerns.


How will it benefit me?

That totally depends on what you are trying to achieve with your skin.  This package will allow us to dramatically supercharge your results whilst minimising your financial outlay.  Committed clients get the best results!  This program will benefit:

  • Sensitive skin / impaired skin barriers
  • Acne & acne scarring
  • Fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation
  • Rosacea
  • Ant aging, anti aging prevention and overall skin health


How do I join?

Speak to your skin therapist about the program.  Simply discuss your skin concerns, what you are want to achieve and they will advise you if this program will get you the results you are after.


How much does it cost?

You will pay $470 up front then $130 per week for 11 weeks.  Total cost $1900 total value that you will receive $2700, save $800 and have great skin!


How do I pay?

The $470 up-front payment can be made in clinic or if organised in advance can be paid by either direct debit from your account or we can debit it from your account or CC.

The 11 x $130 weekly payments can be direct debited from your account or a CC.

Note: Zippay and American Express transactions for package will incur a % fee, we will notify you of the current fee before proceeding.


What are the savings?

You will receive:

  • A FREE 1 hour Skin Consultation including a customised treatment plan valued at $65; &
  • You will receive 20% off full priced or RRP skincare, makeup or treatments from our Skin Clinic Treatment Menu increasing the $1900 you paid for this package to give you $2375 worth of:
    • Dermaviduals and Jane Iredale ranges; &
    • Treatments from our Skin Clinic Treatment menu:
      • Individually customised clinical facials
      • Omnilux LED
      • Collagen Induction Therapy
      • Enzyme Peels
    • 2 x FREE Omnilux LED express facials valued at $260


The minimum amount you will save is $800!


What will I receive?

  • Your 1stappointment will be a COMPLEMENTRY 1 hour Skin Consultation during which askin therapist will conduct a comprehensive analysis utilising our knowledge and diagnostic equipment. We will not only assess your skin but also the causal factors of any skin concerns or conditions you may have. At the completion we will provide you with advice, and a comprehensive treatment plan which will include;
    • An in clinic treatment plan
    • An appropriate homecare program for you to follow including dermaviduals skincare for immediate homecare use, and if required Jane Iredale makeup.
  • Skincare and/or makeup at 20% off RRP as per our recommended homecare plan (amount taken directly from your prepayments)
  • Treatments from our Skin Clinic Treatment Menu at 20% off (amount taken directly from your prepayments).

The homecare and treatment plan we recommend will be individually designed to combat your skin concerns.


Our Promise to you is that your treatment plan will be designed to give you’re the best RESULTS achievable for your investment and over the timeframe of the program.


What else do I need to know?

  • 20% off skin care and makeup only available on the dermaviduals and Jane Iredale ranges, are for your personal use, are not transferable to others and only available for purchases from your prepaid funds available.
  • 20% off discounts only apply to full priced Skin Clinic Treatment Menu treatments.
  • 20% off treatments do NOT include any already discounted treatments, treatment packages or treatment series as they are already discounted.
  • A strict 24 hour cancellation policy applies. If we don’t get at least 24 business hour’s notice of a reschedule or cancellation a cancellation fee will deducted from your prepaid funds as follows;
    • 30-minute appointment = $40 cancellation fee
    • 60-minute appointments = $80 cancellation fee
    • 90-minute appointment = $120 cancellation fee
    • With the heavy discounts you receive on this program, we simply cannot afford late cancellations.
  • If for any reason you wish to cancel the program prior to completion, ALL prior treatments and products sales made at the 20% off will convert back to FULL priced treatments and any remaining outstanding funds will be credited to your CleanSkins account to use as you wish.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure sufficient funds are in your account for the weekly payments. If any payments are dishonoured  (i.e. insufficient funds) we will pass on the bank fee to you, by crediting any dishonour fees we receive from your prepaid funds.
  • At the completion of the 12 week program any funds not utilised as part of this program will be credited to your CleanSkins account for use on full priced treatments, gift cards or retail items. Clients might not utilise their entire prepaid commitment for any of the following reasons:
    • Your therapist advised that you didn’t need to spend the entire amount to achieve your desired results i.e. you didn’t need more product or treatments.
    • You didn’t stick to the treatment plan timeframes for any reason. The program is designed to achieve maximum results in the timeframe and if you do not stick to the timeframes you will not achieve optimum results!