Skin Health

YOU choose how you age!

At CleanSkins we don't just offer facials, we offer solutions.  70%of the results you can achieve are from things that YOU control at home.  We only offer products and in-clinic treatments that will actually make a difference to your skin!
Prevention is way better than any known cures when it comes to our skins health.  At CleanSkins we provide a holistic approach to anti-aging and skin correction.  We provide you with the tools and education you need to address your skin concerns.
Our guarantee to you is that we will be honest, ethical and informative.  We will not make promises that we can improve your skin unless we actually can!
Whether you come in for assistance with a specific skin concern or purely for a pampering, rejuvenating facial, our experienced therapists are serious about addressing your skin concerns.
CleanSkins Skin Assessment allow 1 hour $66

Every skin and lifestyle are different and deserve a treatment plan tailored specifically to combat individual skin concerns. A CleanSkins therapist will conduct a comprehensive analysis utilising our knowledge and diagnostic equipment. We will not only assess your skin but also the causal factors of any skin concerns or conditions you may have. At the completion we will provide you with advice, and a comprehensive treatment plan which may include; • An in clinic treatment plan • An appropriate homecare program for you to follow • Referrals to other medical professionals, skin specialists or treatment modalities In preparation for a skin analysis consultation, please bring all of the skincare products you are currently using: including medications, herbal suppliments and makeup. This consultation is the first step to fresher, more radiant and flawless skin!

Teenage & young adult skin education allow 75 min $75

During this treatment we will: 1 Conduct a full skin assessment using our knowledge as well as skin diagnostic equipment 2 Discuss any skin concerns or conditions that need correction and offer solutions and/or referrals 3 Educate on how to maintain healthy, glowing skin and ultimately minimise the environmental effects that damage our skin over time 4 Teach them how to use and apply skincare and makeup 5 Where recommend provide a suitable home care and/or in clinic treatment plan This treatment is aimed at education and prevention not simply our product sales! It is a standalone treatment that will give your teenager/young adult the tools and knowledge to have the best skin that they can!

Omnilux LED photo rejuvenation facial $175 allow 1 hour

Custom blended Dermaviduals 45 minute facial which includes an Omnilux™ LED treatment. This facial reaches way deeper than a therapists hands can on their own and is excellent for acne, rosacea, skin rejuvenation & skin health.

Omnilux Facial Treatment $130 allow 30 min

An Omnilux™ LED (blue, revive OR plus) treatment. This facial reaches way deeper than a therapists hands can on their own and is excellent for acne, rosacea, skin rejuvenation & skin health.

Skin Health

Dermaviduals Custom Blended Facials

CleanSkins offers 2 Dermavidual facial treatments which are individualised to your skin requirements. Dermaviduals is a German custom blended cosmeceutical skin care range that is at the forefront of skin treatments in the world today.  It reaches deeper layers of the skin than the majority of skincare available.  Most importantly it is free of ingredients that are known to desensitise the skin ….learn more about Dermaviduals.  With Dermaviduals our therapist have the ability to taylor and custom blend products specifically to your individual skin concerns.  



Ageing across the years

Derma Express $79 allow 30 min

This is an express version of our 45 minute skin treatment where your skin will get all the benefits without the 'fluff'. Rejuvenate your skin in your lunch break!

Derma Rejuvenate $99 allow 45 min

This is a relaxing facial designed for those who want to unwind, de-stress and sample all that the Dermaviduals range has to offer. A thorough cleanse will be followed by a skin-polish to remove unwanted skin cells. You will then enjoy a custom blended facial tailored to your individual skin concerns and a massage of the face and neck for a little pampering. To finish your treatment a customised mask will be applied, followed by serums and moisturiser. Rejuvenate your skin whilst enjoying a blissful and revitalising 45 minutes with us!

Derma Escape & peel $129 allow 1 hour

Includes a professional enzyme peel, A 1 hour treatment tailored and custom blended to your skin, designed to remove unwanted skin cells, even skin tone and improve skin texture as it stimulates collagen production and assists in the treatment of congested skin. This treatment is a perfect one off pick me up. It is also available as a course of 4 treatments, once a week depending on the severity or your skin condition.

add-on price Omnilux LED Treatment $80 allow extra 20 min
add-on price Enzyme peel OR Alga mask $45 allow extra 15 min
add-on price Eyebrow shape $16
Prepay & save Course of 4 x facial treatments save 10%

Prepay any 4 like facial treatments and save 10% off each treatment. Terms & conditions apply. Prepaid course of treatments must be completed within a 12 month period or prices may be subject to change.