Why is the end of summer the best time to start your laser hair removal treatments? We will tell you why!

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Why is the end of summer the best time to start your laser hair removal treatments?

We will tell you why!


Laser hair removal needs are as individual as we are, however there are factors outside our control, which may impact what time of the year we should start our laser hair removal treatments!

1. The main reason is the sun and our tanning habits. You cannot have laser hair removal treatments if your skin is recently tanned (and that means fake or real tan)! After each laser hair removal treatment you must not tan the treatment area for a period of time. This includes incidental sun. There is more sun over summer, we tan more and we simply get more incidental sun than during the other seasons of the year. Even with the best sunscreen if we spend a lot of time out doors our skin will tan. If you have an old tan (i.e. not recent) your laser hair removal treatments will most likely be lower in intensity resulting in less effective treatments, i.e. less over all reduction of hair. WHY? Laser hair removal is all about colour, the colour of the laser beam, the colour of our hair, the colour of our skin. Hair removal lasers are attracted to the colour (pigment or melanin) in our hair, not the actual hair itself. That is why the colour of the hair and skin is so important when considering laser hair removal. The laser beam is absorbed by anything dark (brown to black). As the laser is being absorbed by the brown to black substance it heats that substance up. If the skin is tanned or naturally dark the skin will also absorb the laser beam increasing the risk of side effects and laser burns. We can have laser hair removal treatments any time of the year, however unless you are prepared to minimise the exposure to sun and fake tans, we recommend that you wait until after summer and cover the intended treatment areas up. If you do cover up you will get better results with no risks.

BEWARE of any laser hair removal clinic that tells you they can treat over tanned skin! The only safe way to do that is if the laser is simply not very strong or if it is strong they turn the laser intensity way down which will minimise your long term results and most likely cause you to need way more treatments.

2. Another reason to start treatments at the end of summer is that your course of laser hair removal treatments will take several months to complete. Clients only need 4 to 6 laser hair removal treatments on most body areas. These treatments are done each 8 to 10 weeks apart. These time frames are dictated by the rate that our hair grows, NOT any laser hair removal device! So its simple maths really, if you wait too long after this summer to start your treatments you will not be finished by next summer!

IN SUMMARY – If you are not a tanner and don’t spend a lot of time out doors it is easy to have your treatments any time of the year. If you are a tanner or simply spend a lot of time out doors over summer, enjoy your summer, however you will have to make an effort to cover up the treatment areas if you want a hair free life. We have a lot of cyclists and outdoor sports men/woman who have our laser hair removal. They simply come in for there treatments over autumn & winter when they can more easily cover the areas with clothing from the sun. Being sun smart for laser hair removal treatments is short-term pain for the massive long term freedom of a hair free life!

Our FREE laser hair removal consultation and laser trial is the perfect time find out everything you need to know about the process and work our when the best time is for you to start treatment to enjoy a hair free life without the ingrown hairs & continual shaving & waxing!

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