Just some of OUR great results………..

All before and after images on this page are of clients treated at CleanSkins Laser Clinic Warrnambool!

This clients

The images were taken 7 months apart with the True UV camera of our skin analysis machine.  The subject is a 28 year old female, Irish with pale skin who burns easily in the sun.

The TOTAL cost $6 per day over the 7 month period

The after image shows:

  • increased hydration levels
  • improved skin tone & texture
  • a visible reduction in pigmentation & sun damage
  • less oil flow – which means less future breakouts & blackheads!
  • a reduction in mild acne scarring left from her teenage years

Note the darkness around the BEFORE eye which has almost been totally reduced in the AFTER image. The darkness indicates dryness around the eyes which can cause fine lines, wrinkles, loss of elasticity, uneven texture and sagging of the skin.

WHAT we did:

  • 6 months of dermaviduals cosmeceutical skincare at home
  • 3 months home dermal rolling – 2 to 3 times per week.
  • 4 x Omnilux LED treatments
  • 1 x CIT Collagen Induction Therapy in-clinic Treatment

After image was taken 6 weeks post CIT treatment

Post CIT then before and after Epic Nouvelle Mask

The first photo is post CIT (skin needling) with a lot of redness and inflammation.  Immediately after CIT we applied the mask and left on for 15 minutes.
The last photo is taken immediately after removal of mask before any other creams were applied
The Epi Nouvelle masks are soft and flexible masks that follows the facial outline like a second skin, moisturising, cooling and soothing the skin.
Amazing for most skin types and conditions to soothe redness, for a huge hit of moisture or that weekly pick me up.   Available to add onto any skincare treatment or purchase for use at home

Suffer from acne?  Tried everything?  We  can help with that!
CleanSkins acne before & after

We treated this 15 year old with 3 take home Dermaviduals skin products only. Prior to coming to us she was using Dove soap and skincare products from another beauty salon, neither of which were helping.  After her skin consultation we didn’t recommend she commence with any in-clinic treatments, as the severity of her condition didn’t warrant it. She will still have the odd breakout, but as you can see her skin barrier is a lot healthier now. We see teenagers and adults with acne on a regular basis. In most cases we are able to reduce their breakouts purely with a good holistic home care routine. Depending on the severity we can introduce in-clinic treatments that specifically target acne and are clinically proven to reduce mild to moderate conditions.

The 1st step to healthier skin is a skin consultation, it takes us an hour, we use our knowledge as well as state of the art diagnostic equipment.

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Suffer from ingrown hairs?  We fix them!