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Hair Removal Clinic

CleanSkins originated as a hair removal clinic, commencing with Candela medical grade 4 laser hair removal.  This is our original specialty and our clinic's results and reputation has clients travelling to us from Mount Gambia, Hamilton, Melbourne and most of the towns in-between!  

Laser Hair Removal

You will get faster, better results!  

Why? Its simple really - we have the best hair removal laser that money can buy and our experience and personalised treatment are second to none in the Great South West!  We have been specialising in laser hair removal treatments since 2010 and perform in excess of 1.2 million laser pulses each year!

Premium Waxing & Tinting

We only use the highest quality wax.  Premium products & quality equipment combined with our experienced therapists, deliver a superior wax leaving the skin, soft, smooth and hair free.

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FREE Laser hair removal consultation

Find our if laser hair removal is for you before you invest your hard earned money with our FREE laser consultation and laser trial. During this 45 minute consultation you will find out everything you need to know about us, our laser and our treatments. We will also quote YOUR price.

Save $$ on laser combination packages

Please call us if you would like to know more about our laser hair removal prices. Our prices are not a secret, however our prices depend on the total surface area we treat each treatment.

Eye Brow Shape $23

Simply the best eyebrow shape in Warrnambool.

Wax - Braz, eyebrows & underarms $79
Wax - lower legs, bikini & underarms $70