You choose how you age, but we can help you with that!

At CleanSkins Skin Clinic we offer long term solutions to correct, repair and maintain you skin.  All of our products and treatments are proven and tried & tested over time.  We don't 'jump on the band wagon' of 'too good to be true' quick fixes, and we certainly don't believe skin treatment 'salesmen' without first backing up their promises with our knowledge of skin physiology and the physics of their recommended equipment or products.  To that end we  never sell treatments that just don't give optimum results.  We offer treatments to correct skin conditions, skin imperfections and to reduce the visible effects that our lifestyles and the ageing process have on our skin.  We never promise results that we can't actually achieve.  Our solutions will take time, but they will be long term and noticeable.  The reason your results will take time is simple really, most likely your skin concerns didn't happen over night, so the solution won't happen over night!  We offer solutions for acne, rosacea, perioral dermatitis, pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles and over all anti-aging reduction and prevention.  The first treatment you will need is a skin consultation which is the first step to the best skin you can achieve.

Why wait to have great skin?

The majority of our skin clients see an improvement in their skin in as little a 2 to 6 weeks!
We offer 100% online skin solutions or in clinic appointments, either way, why not invest in your biggest asset, your skin?

If you are a new client our full skin consultations can be 100% online or in clinic.  Each new client will undergo a full skin consultation and receive a customised product prescription and treatment plan (where needed).  For existing clients we offer online or in clinic skin checkups, where we assess the progress of your skin health and make any needed adjustments to your prescription.  For existing clients we offer online or in clinic checkups for only $35 but are complementary if on skin product purchases of $100 or more.


Your First Visit

100% online Skin Consultation $50

allow 30min - $50 is redeemable on the purchase of skin care products. You will complete a comprehensive skin and lifestyle questionnaire and upload images of your face, neck & decollate. One of our Skin Specialists will then analyse your information and forward you a comprehensive skin prescription (and treatment plan where needed)

In-clinic Skin Consultation $67

allow 50min - the majority of our skin clients see an improvement in their skin in as little a 2 to 6 weeks! A CleanSkins skin therapist will conduct a comprehensive analysis utilising our knowledge and diagnostic equipment. We will not only assess your skin but also the causal factors of any skin concerns or conditions you may have. At the completion we will provide you with advice, and a comprehensive treatment plan which may include; - an in clinic treatment plan - an appropriate home-care program for you to follow - if required, referrals to other medical professionals, skin specialists or treatment modalities. This consultation is the first step to fresher, more radiant and flawless skin!

Zoom Virtual Skin Consultation $50

allow 30min for a comprehensive Zoom Skin Consultation with one of our Skin Specialists after which they will forward you a comprehensive skin prescription (and treatment plan where needed)

Skin Consultation + 1st Customised Treatment $119

allow 70min - CleanSkins skin specialist will conduct a comprehensive skin analysis utilising our knowledge and diagnostic equipment. We will not only assess your skin but also the causal factors of any skin concerns or conditions you may have. During your 70 min appointment you will receive a clinical facial during which we will provide you with advice, and a comprehensive treatment plan.

Existing CleanSkins Skin Clients

dermaviduals bespoke Level 3 Facial Treatment $155

If you need a check in with your skin, we recommend booking a facial treatment where we can not only analyse your skins current needs but we can get our hands on your skin and perform a customised treatment to get you back on track!

Virtual Skin Check-up $35

or complementary when purchasing $100 or more worth of skin products.

In-clinic Skin Check-up $35

or complementary when purchasing $100 or more worth of skin products.

"Our guarantee to you is that we will be honest, ethical and informative.  We will not make promises that we can improve your skin unless we actually can!"

Our 4 STEP holistic approach to building healthy skin

At CleanSkins your skin journey will be customisable and fluent.  Just like each skin is unique, each journey to skin health will be different.  All new clients start in STEP 1 where we conduct a comprehensive skin consultation and education session that will enable clients to address skin concerns and build a healthy skin culture.  Clients will then be given a treatment plan and skin prescription to suit their skins requirements, expected results and budget.   Clients will then progress through Stages 2, 3 and/or 4 as per their treatment plan with regular reassessments ensuring that the clients results are always at the forefront of the fluid their skin journey.

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"We can change your skins future"

~ CleanSkins Laser Clinic

Skin Treatments - level 1, 2, 3 & 4

YOU choose how you age!  CleanSkins offers our facials by time, not by skin condition.  We individualise each facial to your skin requirements. We use Dermaviduals,  a German custom blended cosmeceutical skin care range that is at the forefront of skin treatments in the world today.  It reaches deeper layers of the skin than the majority of skincare available.  Most importantly it is free of ingredients that are known to desensitise the skin.  Each of our facial treatments can be custom designed to target: Acne, Scarring, Congestion, Dehydration, Dryness, Redness, Rosacea, Ageing, Sensitivity, Pigmentation and more.

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The big guns - skin correction treatments

Step 3 is where we can make serious changes to your skin!  At CleanSkins we don't offer every imaginable treatment or every new fad.  We specialise in the treatments that we provide, all of which have been introduced after much due diligence and research.  Your CleanSkins Skin Therapist will consult with you and create a treatment plan to achieve optimum results that works for you.

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Skin Maintenance Solutions

Maintenance is essential for healthy glowing skin!  Lets face it almost everything that you have to work at to achieve will need maintenance to maintain results!  For example if you spend months going to the gym, watching what you eat and loosing weight then once you get to your desired weight you cant expect to go back to what you used to do without putting on weight again.  Skin is even harder than that, if you start with great skin, age and our lifestyle factors will eventually catch up with us unless of course we work at our skin.  CleanSkins skin maintenance is just as flexible as all our skin solutions.  We have several customisable options that will help maintain results and delay the visible signs of ageing.

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Our Skin Solutions

~ CleanSkins Laser Clinic

dermaviduals dermatological skincare

dermatological, corneotherapeutic skincare that can be custom blended to combat each clients individual needs. We can blend solutions for anti- aging, redness, acne, rocesea and many other facial skin concerns and conditions.

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Jane Iredale 'the skincare makeup'

Jane Iredale gives a flawless natural finish using the highest-quality minerals available and organic ingredients when possible. The entire range is cruelty-free and free of parabens, talc, phthalates, synthetic fragrance and GMO ingredients.

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Imbibe Living skin & gut health supplements

Ingestible beauty Bio-Active Products for Gut Health.Product range includes a Probiotic Concentrate called Beauty Renewal as well as Miracle Collagen – a bioactive formula with 18 amino acids is specifically designed to transform and stimulate collagen synthesis and skin elasticity from the inside out.

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Nordic Naturals Omegas

Nordic Naturals shapes the industry standards with a new definition in omegas of purity, freshness, taste and dosage. Non GMO, sustainably sources and third party verified for purity.

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MTS Home Dermal Rolling/Needling

Scientifically proven to create new collagen by stimulating the skins natural healing process. Discover the derma CIT difference!  With expert precision, technique and timing, your skin treatment therapist uses the derma CIT pen to trigger targeted growth factors for building new collagen, resulting in healthy, glowing skin.  Used at home 2-3 times per week the MTS Roller can effectively: Minimises fine lines & wrinkles, reduces pore size, improves skin texture, reduces the appearance of scars (including acne scars), diminishes stretch marks, strengthens your skin barrier, improves cellular skin communication, reduces pigmentation, assists sluggish skin that is slow to heal Naturally increases your skin’s collagen formation

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Prin Pro Skin Detox Lymphatic Therapy

The circulatory and lymphatic systems play a vital role in skin health. The cosmetics world would have you overlook that our cells are made and fed from the inside, and topical applications such as skin care act mostly in a supplement capacity. So it makes sense to ensure that your cells and systems are as optimal as they can be. When our blood circulates around our body it provides nutrients, water and oxygen to our cells and tissues. However during the capillary fluid exchange (where water, amino acids, and oxygen cross the capillary wall into the extracellular fluid), fluids don’t travel very far into the surrounding tissue, and even less when there are roadblocks. Which is why there needs to be a ‘clear road’, free from debris, so that these nutrients can get to their target.

This Tightening Mask is a go-to treatment for ageing, acne/ problematic, sensitised skins, and prep for advanced therapies.

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