What is Collagen Induction Therapy

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What Is CIT?

Commonly referred to as skin needling or dermal needling, collagen induction therapy (CIT) can produce the most dramatic improvement in skin rejuvenation, but all ‘pens’ are not created equal, and don’t all produce the highest-level results, nor are they all safe. 

derma CIT pen treatments work by reprogramming the function of skin to make it healthier, firmer and more smoothly textured. It is a genuine rejuvenation process. The skin’s natural regeneration of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid is restored and increased, without the risk of side effects sometimes associated with other treatments such as laser or IPL. The treatment is minimally invasive and recognised worldwide as also being highly effective in treating photo-aged conditions, wrinkles, enlarged pores and scarring.



  • Minimise fine lines/wrinkles (especially around the delicate eye and lip areas)
  • Naturally increase skin’s collagen formation
  • Reduce pigmentation by creating a thicker spinosum layer allowing for melanocytes to disperse pigment more evenly, stimulating the TGFB1, which down regulates tyrosinase and restricts pigment formation.
  • Improve skin texture.
  • Reduce the appearance of scars (such as acne scarring).
  • Diminish stretch marks.
  • Reduce pore size.
  • Strengthen the epidermal barrier.
  • Improve cellular skin communication and therefore assist skin to operate at optimal efficiency.
  • Assist sluggish skin that is slow to heal.

How it works

As the needle creates a micro-channel in the skin’s surface, the protective healing response is triggered. Capillaries dilate to allow clotting factors (platelets) to enter the injured tissue. Platelets release growth factors that emit cytokines (chemical signals) into the surrounding tissue to attract further immune cells like neutrophils and macrophages. These cells migrate to the site of injury releasing a cascade of growth factors and cytokines to stimulate new blood vessel development. This in turn stimulates fibroblast proliferation and significantly boosts collagen and elastin production. The tiny micro-channels in the skin caused by the hair fine needles will close within minutes, thus the skin’s protective upper layer remains uncompromised. Remodelling and realignment of the new collagen will increase substantially after three weeks. It takes about 3 to 6 months for the full effect of the treatment to be evident, depending on your age and lifestyle.


Pain free

The higher speed of the derma CIT pen (8500 rpm) and the vertical needle movement uniquely enables a comfortable treatment without the high level of pain that has been associated with skin needling.

Needle Depth

The easy hand-piece dial adjusts the needle depth to between 0.2mm and 2.5mm, this customises the treatment according to your skin condition. Excellent results are achieved up to 1mm needle depth; over 1mm can only be performed by a medical doctor, NOT a nurse or a skin therapist.

How much do the treatments cost?

We individualise all our skin treatments at CleanSkins, ensuring that each client attains the best results possible for the condition of their skin. Due to the clinically proven healing properties of our Omnilux LED, we highly recommend that our CIT treatments be packaged with a combination of Omnilux LED and enzyme peel over a period of week where you will attend for 4 in-clinic treatments. This package will give you by far the best results for the value.  Standalone CIT treatments are from $269.